Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Wake-Up Bomb

Well, I finally have a fucking chance to write something. And that something will be:

I told you so. I fucking told you so.

Okay. We're staying at a motel right now, but we have to move on pretty quickly. I can feel it when they get near -- the air thrums. It feels like I'm in an airplane and we're going up up up and my ears are popping like crazy.

I think perhaps Proxiehunter was right. I think they just started pumping out infrasound, making us feel as bad as we possibly could. Because it started on Monday. I was feeling well, just on that verge of puking, when I saw that Kenny was rubbing his stomach, too. We were both nauseous, so either we had both eaten something that was disagreeing with us, or something was affecting both of us.

I went to find Lyron, to see if she had any nausea as well, when we heard it. The shrieking.

Have you ever heard a feedback loop? Here, take a listen to this. That's what it sounded like...only amplified by a hundred.

The windows cracked. I saw a hand covered in gray fungus push against them and they just shattered. Kenny had jumped up when the noise started and was covering his ears. I had put on my noise-cancelling headphones, but I still had one hell of a headache and it was getting worse.

Someone was coming in through the windows. Well, something. I guess when you are covered in living fungus, you may not count as human anymore. They didn't exactly look completely human either. When I took a look at their face, I saw that their jaw was hanging open at an unnatural angle, longer than I had seen a jaw hang before, like it had broken away from their face and was just hanging by their flesh and fungi. The entire inside of their mouth was lined with the fungus and that's where the noise was coming from.

I grabbed Kenny -- who was still holding his ears to keep the sound out -- and lead him to the back door. Our stuff was already packed and waiting for us there. We were paranoid enough -- and savvy enough -- to realize we would need to get our stuff quickly, so we prepacked everything and made sure we were ready to go before the attack.

I scrounged in my pack for my extra pair of headphones, then passed it to Kenny. He gave me a thumbs up. Together, we opened the back door.

There were four more of those Grayskins out there. They stood like statues, then open their mouths wide and let out their screams. Even with the headphones on, the noise echoed in my skull.

We were stuck. We couldn't go forward or backward. One touch and the Grayskins could infect us or melt our brains or whatever the hell the Choir wanted with us. My vision got blurry and when I wiped away at my eyes, I realized that they were bleeding. I looked at Kenny and saw that his were bleeding, too.

We were crying bloody tears and going to die.

And then Lyron -- sweet Lyron, whom I couldn't believe actually worked for monsters before -- then Lyron appeared at the edge of the yard and opened fire. She held a big fucking handgun and managed to clip two of the Grayskins, one in the shoulder and one in the chest. The others turned to her and let loose their scream, but she was wearing those ear muffs they have at the shooting range (which is where she probably was at before the attack, now that I think about it), so she staggered but didn't go down.

She yelled something at us, but we couldn't hear it. She was waving at us to move. I couldn't hear the thing behind us still screaming, but it was nothing compared to the onslaught happening to Lyron now.

So we grabbed out packs and ran. We ran past Lyron as she picked straight into the mouth of one the Grayskins to shut it up. Its gray matter splattered onto the grass. After that, she lowered her gun and tossed us her keys. Kenny caught them.

It took a few seconds for me to start up the car -- it's been a while since I've driven, my license is probably crazy expired -- and when I did, I reversed out of the driveway as fast as I could. The backdoor opened and I saw Lyron get in behind us. She said something and I didn't have to hear to know what it was: "Drive."

So I did. I drove until the sun rose and then I drove more.

Their still following us. I don't know why. Perhaps their after me. Perhaps if I go off alone, they'll follow me and leave Kenny and Lyron alone.

Lyron says she knows a safe place where we can stay, though. She says that she's heard rumors of a place, a hostel, that apparently caters to runners. So after tonight, that's where we'll be heading.

Let's hope it helps.

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    I believe that's where you're headed. I know you're not asking for my advice, but I suggest you stay away from it.